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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 23, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. for more than an hour a norwegian man opens fire killing more than 80 people, what he did that made so many people trust him when he shot them dead. she summed up her career in a single song. tonight troubled pop singing diva amy winehouse is dead. new details on brian stow, how the police say the beating was more brutal than previously believed. still no deal to keep the united states from defaulting on its debt. there's a rush to have it settled by tomorrow afternoon. evidence that the norway massacre may have been
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motivated by politics. the death toll is at 89. most people in the shooting rampage that were killed that lasted an hour-and-a-half. >> reporter: this killing picture from the air shows the accused gunman in the middle of his deadly mission and the attorney says his client has confessed to what he calls the factual circumstances and the facts the authorities say that man dressed in a preliminary's uniform traveled to the island to kill young people attending a political rally. witnesses say the shooting gathered hundreds of teenagers by saying he was there for routine terror drills. >> every time they screamed. >> some hid and some ran and others tried to swim away. adrian described the terror. >> to hear bullets flying and seeing people and getting hit
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by bullets and it was scary. >> the police say it took more than half an hour to get to the island and by then the gunmen had killed 85 people and he began earlier in downtown oslo. this is one of the dozen of buildings damaged by the car bomb set off. >> norwegians are coping with the aftermath leaving flowers. >> why do you want to be here. >> i want to show that i am scared to be here and feel very sad. >> hundreds gathered for a memorial saturday night. >> the prime minister says its country stands united. a motive is unclear but there is a series of angry messages criticizing norway's liberal party and the conservative party say that he
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was a member of the youth party. he makes his court appearance on monday. a meeting between democrats and republican leaders ended with no word of a deal. dale nodding ham has more. congressional leaders were call to the white house that the deal collapsed with housespeaker john boehner. the talks ended in less than an hour with no new deal and lawmakers continued the meeting on capitol hill later scrambling to find the way to prevent the first government default in history. president obama used his weekly radio address to urge lawmakers to put the differences aside. >> everyone is going to have to be willing to compromise. otherwise we'll never get anything back. john boehner broke off
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talk" president friday in a dispute over newscasts revenues. the housespeaker told fellow republicans saturday that congressional leaders should have a new dent plan in the next 24 hours. but the president and congress still have a long way to go to find some common ground and in a statement released after the meeting the white house said the president won't accept a short term deal to increase the debt ceiling and john boehner said he still wants deficit cuts equal to the amount of debt is raised and republicans are standing strong on that demand. >> the american people have said it is time to quit spending money we don't have. >> the house and the senate are not in session until monday so talks will continue behind closed doors for the weekend with just ten days left until the august 2nd complained. daniel nodding ham cbs news washington. speaker john boehner hopes to announce a frame work by
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1:00 our time tomorrow afternoon. before the stock market opens in asia, a drop could send stocks plunging across the globe. congressional leaders met without the president. they met for a little under an hour and the speaker has said he wants the republican members to get back to them with a frame work after deal that they can listen to within the last 24 hours and i think what the speakers trying to dies deny the president a victory here if he can heading into the 2012 presidential election, if he can say in the end he worked this out with congressional leaders instead of with the president, then he can try to deny the president any victory in claim that he was able to bring the deficit down by trillions. if congress does not raise the debt ceiling, it will face an unprecedented government default. new details on the beating
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of brian stow tajines opening game, the injuries were described in detail. the two suspects are going to be in court on monday charged with mayhem and assault and battery. the former suspect giovanni ramirez is innocent but the police chief is not apologizing. 20/20 hindsight it was a wrong choice but you have to understand that you make shows choices based on information at the minute and that is what we did. >> brian stow is in serious condition at the the hospital and his sister says when his children visited recently stow reached for their hands. two teenagers are charged tonight in connection with a shooting that has an 11 year- old girl fighting for her life. neighbors in the 1100 block of laguna and san francisco western addition say they heard shots at about 11:15 and one of
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the bullets went through the window and hit the girl in the chess. her family says they were having asleepover when gunfire erupted. she ran out of the room and there were shots and i sat her down and said take it easy and i dialed 911 and they were here in three minutes with an ambulance. an argument in the street led to the gunfire and the two men arrested are 18 and 19 years old and the shooting does appear to be gang related. it's a refuge for coffee lovers but thieves stole more than the cafe's peace and quiet. gaylord's cafe was a target of robbers and did not leave until an innocent passer by was shot. it is the talk of the neighborhood. >> reporter: people are out and about tonight on piedmont avenue just like they were last night about this time but they
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are not inside the restaurant too much because not a pleasant place to be. >> there is much excitement in gaylord's other than folks sipping coffee and look at laptops but things perked up friday night. >> a cop pulled up and there was a pop sound that sounded to me like a cap gun and somebody screamed get down and everybody hit the floor. i was scared and i heard the gunshot and the girl said get down and i said okay and we were down behind the counter for a minute. >> core rin says she saw three teenage boys casing the place. >> they just seemed fishy to me and looked odd and they walked in and they just all of a sudden grabbed laptops and started to run outside and customers got up and one of them tackled one of the guys.
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>> with two laptops and an i pad the teens headed out the door and with a couple of customers. my friend eric, a very big man ran after him and said in the midst of the scuffle he had them turned around and saw he was pulling out a gun and it accidentally fired. he is convinced the kid would have shot him but he ended up firing and hit an innocent bystander. >> the woman passing by with a man and children was treated for a bullet graze on her legs but she is okay. we thought gaylords may not talk about the customers being hit by brazen laptop thieves. >> we have been insanely busy today actually. the three are still at large and the laptops are missing and despite what i said earlier there are people inside
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gaylords determined to hang on to their laptops. thank you very much. well, it was not a surprise but it is still shocking five time grammy award winner amy winehouse found dead in her london apartment, just 27 years old. cause of death, still unknown. the british singer songwriter was known for her soulful music and personal demons. she talked about her highs and lows. >> amy winehouse was a fresh bass 20-year-old when she burst on the british music scene in 2003 with her debut album frank and back then it was a lot less skin and bones and far fewer tattoos. and it was her 2007 follow-up item back to black that blasted the singer songwriter into the stratosphere selling tens of millions and leading to five grammy awards and her fans and the music industry fell in love
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and one critic said she was quite possibly crazy. >> even at her career took off amy winehouse was loyal to these north london neighborhoods where she was born in 1983. but tragically it was not just her singing talent that blossomed here. by the summer of 2007, drugs had begun to ravish her body. she was hospitalized for reported overdose of heroin and ecstasy and cocaine and tranquilizers and alcohol. a british tabloid posted a video of the woman said to be the troubled singer smoking crack cocaine and even then many begin for fear for her life and her husband was behind bars after spending time in rehab and there was a step closer to an inevitable end and
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her father had written her eulogy before she died. >> she had a crazy image. >> she had the name and the 20 million-dollar fortune and only made two albums and fans were left to wonder what could have been. winehouse is now among a list of musicians that have died at the age of 27. janice joplin, jimmy hendrix and jimmy morrison and curt
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kobane. well several same-sex couples got married in new york state at the stroke of midnight. it became legal at 12:00 a.m. on sunday new york time and gay rights activist cay lump bard and cheryl love were among the first to tie the knot. they had been together for a decade and grandmothers with 12 grandchildren and fighting for years for the right to marry. 105 degrees in atlantic city and 101 in philadelphia and the heat wave baked the east coast with triple digits and cooler days are on the horizon. we have some grateful for the brutal heat. saturday brought no relief
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from the relentless heat. >> the new york city residents took advantage of the city cooling center. sidewalks outside sizzled like this one, 147 degrees. we are getting heat from above and below. in fact every direction. columbia university stewart gain says cities hold onto heat making the people vulnerable and miserable. in the shade the sidewalk was still 107 degrees. >> you can take a long time for concrete and granite and buildings to cool off. >> basically means that cities like this don't get relief or much relief. >> we don't get much relief. >> across the country the he's advisories have been posted in 27 states and excessive heat warnings are up. not everyone is complaining. ice deliveryman says he prays for hot days like this. >> we need this weather to keep us afloat. if we don't have a good summer it will be a long winter for
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us. and in northern virginia where the mercury hit 100 degrees ... the extreme heat didn't stop this civil war reenactment, men wearing wool uniforms mark the 150th and anniversary of bull run. forecasters say sunday will be slightly cooler in parts of country including the northeast and the mid-atlantic thank to canada and they warn that dome of heat could return in a week. cbs news new york. so these pictures are almost enough to make you feel guilty while the east coast is baking in triple heat. this is what it looked like today. in late july, brought out
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hundreds of ski borders. some 66 feet of snow fell this year. this is the latest skiing for any resort, august 13th at mammoth. asking jim when it would melt and you said maybe fall. >> i suspect they will be keeping the snow through next winter here. as we look out at tonight's sky we see the post air conditioner at work in and over the bay and it is clinging to coastline and managing to keep our temperature outs cool side and here is a look for the forecast for the rest of the nation. you can see pretty hot in the mid section and in the triple digits and will go in the upper 90s, 97 in washington dc and very humid. we enjoy the effects of that breeze today which kept the fog and low clouds around the coast here through most of the day.
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our temperatures peaked out in the mid to low 80s across the interior and back to the east bay in the 70s and in the peninsula in the 60s, quite comfortable compared to the rest of the country. you got to love that fog bank as we will look forward to returning tomorrow with mostly sunny skies and a patch of cloud cover across the interior and they are headed into the mid to upper 80s. right at the bay we will have morning fog giving way to afternoon sunshine and 70s in the east pay and on the peninsula and on the coast in the mid to low 60s. for most locations fog likely to linger at the beach like it did today and the very shallow but stubborn fog bank continues to hangon to the beaches. by tomorrow afternoon and we will cool down in the beginning of the week as the next weather system approaches, it will bring with it cooler air and a
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deeper fog bank to last through midweek before that one mixes out with a bit of a warming trend for the weekend. now as usual we will expect the clouds to give way to afternoon sunshine around the bay here as once again we'll look for temperatures close to today maybe a degree or two warmer especially in the interior where the mid-80s will prevail and east bay in the upper 70s and on the peninsula and at the beach we are back in the mid 60s and in the fog out along the bay and that fog will likely hang onto the beaches through most of tomorrow afternoon and like it did today. the cooler air in the area beginning of the week as below normal temperatures and pretty much across the board until wednesday and things will start to heat up for next weekend and we will be back to normal which means a few more normals out across the interior and not
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headed as hot as the east coast and they continue to bake and we will look for seasonal temperatures. across the west which is why most of us live here and why real estate prices are what they are. looking at that, even when it gets hot, it seems to cool down soon. we run three to four day force a heat spell until it moves to the beach and the rest of country have been in the heat wave for almost two weeks so it has been a long one. that's why we live here, you're right. it won't create a shortage of wine but an accident creates a million dollars worth of wine from getting to the united
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states. it looks more like the castro than castro valley. this afternoon hundreds of people in alameda county celebrated the pride rally. the event attracted a handful
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of protesters but that didn't dam pen the spirit. three teens got tired of going to other cities to socialize with other teens. we wanted to bring that pride and that support home and like bring everybody together and just make it comfortable here. >> we wanted to show everybody that in castro valley act small town that might stay conservative and we wanted to show everyone that there's a large community around. >> the teens started to organize the rally a month ago and expected a small gathering and words spread face on facebook and today hundreds showed up. unforce nate accident in australia will affect the united states, one million dollars worth of wine destroyed. they got smashed in a forklift accident. it was loading a 13-ton container of wine at a port when a malfunction caused 460
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cases to drop. it was going for $198 a bottle was insured. ryan vogel sang may have the lowest level in the national league but no one has been doing better than the giants bullpen. gods zilla godzilla returns
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to new york brian vogelsong era leader gave up two runs in five innings and improved to eight and one tonight. bill, start the clock. hitting may be bomb
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gardener's second best talent, nate sher holtz winning 360 and his double gives the giants a lead and the bullpen tossed four no hit innings and brian wilson needed five pitches to pick up his 30th save. the a's snapped an 11 game losing streak and matsui has career homer number 501 and the a's bank the yankees. 42 ca dell evans is finishing the time trials and taking a lead. mark halfdecky had a triple boggie on 13 and birdies the 18th to get back to 7 under and tied with the lead. if he could hold on, he would be the 4th person in history to win the british open and the
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senior open. really? more sports on 11 cb s5 and until then that does it for us. good night. ,,,,
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